TeleMental Health

What is TeleMental Health?

TeleMental Health is a relatively new concept despite the fact that many therapists have been using technology-assisted media for years.

“TeleMental Health means the mode of delivering services via technology-assisted media, such as but not limited to, a telephone, video, internet, a smartphone, tablet, PC desktop system or other electronic means using appropriate encryption technology for electronic health information. TeleMental Health facilitates client self-management and support for clients and includes synchronous interactions and asynchronous store and forward transfers”

Georgia Code 135-11-.01

Breaches of confidentiality over the past decade have made it evident that Personal Health Information (PHI) as it relates to technology needs an extra level of protection. Additionally, there are several other factors that need to be considered regarding the delivery of TeleMental Health services in order to provide you with the highest level of care.

Why TeleMental Health?

Having therapy over the internet can be helpful to people who are unable to see a therapist in person due to:

  • Inability to leave home for emotional reasons (trauma, agoraphobia, etc.) or practical reasons (no transportation available, etc.)
  • Illness or disability
  • Business travel- receive services when business travel calls you out of town.
  • Pleasure travel- receive services while on vacation or visits to family out of town.
  • Shortage of therapists in remote or rural areas of Georgia

The same services and specialties, with the exception of Hypnotherapy, are available remotely with TeleMental Health services at Parkside Psychotherapy.

How do I request TeleMental Health services at Parkside Psychotherapy?

  • Call for an initial phone consultation
  • Download the TeleMental Health forms, print them out, fill them out and return them to me.
  • Let me know your availability for appointments (please give me several choices if possible).
  • I will call to schedule your first appointment.
  • 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, go to, and you will be prompted to enter your name and go into the “waiting room”.
  • I will join your session and take it from there!

Parkside Psychotherapy has developed several policies and protective measures, such as using only HIPPA compliant services, such as, designed to keep your PHI safe and confidential.

I provide TeleMental Health services throughout the state of GA, where professional licensure is held.

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