Discover What Lies Beneath the Surface

Access the Other 90% of Your Mind

Clinical Hypnotherapy in Grant Park

When you look beneath the surface of your conscious mind…

… you discover that 90% of your mind’s potential (the subconscious mind) is untapped.

This is where emotions, beliefs, creativity, developmental stages, imagination, intuition, long-term memory, habits and addictions, and protective reactions occur.

Seeking Breakthroughs

Maura had changed to a healthier diet, she couldn’t seem to drop the last 25 pounds she was trying to lose…

Scott wanted to stop smoking. He had tried all the gums, patches, and even a prescription medication. He had stopped smoking as much as he previously, and was down to half a pack a day, but he couldn’t quit altogether…

Sandy had experienced the painful loss of a child, and had never been able to resolve her grief and move forward with her life. She blamed herself and wasn’t able to let go of the guilt…

Lewis was terrified of flying, but his job required frequent travel out of state. He always drove when he went to the various offices in-state, but when he had to fly, he looked for a way out of the assignment. It was beginning to cause problems with his boss…

Finding Breakthroughs

Clinical hypnosis uses this unconscious part of your brain for new learning and change.

You can unleash your subconscious mind and open it up to new information and possibilities!

Maura, Scott, Sandy, and Lewis all received Clinical Hypnotherapy services at Parkside Psychotherapy. They were able to break through and access the potential of their subconscious minds.

Maura dropped that last 25 pounds, Scott stopped smoking entirely, Sandy was able to let go of the guilt she felt and finally grieve the loss of her child, and Lewis was able to conquer his fear of flying.

Don’t wait another day to unleash your mind’s full potential!

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